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History of Rigolet
Rigolet 1890 (larger version)
Hamilton Inlet has been host to European explorers and traders since the 18th century. Louis Fornel landed near present day Rigolet and claimed the land for France in 1743. Shortly after, Fornel established Rigolet's first trading post.

The Hudson Bay Company established it's first trading post in Rigolet in 1836. The HBC remained an active part of the community until 1987 when it was bought by the North West Company and was renamed the "Northern Store"

The English took control of the Labrador coast in 1763. This brought a flood of European fisherman and whalers to settle on the Labrador coast.
Rigolet 1800's (larger version)
The Labrador Inuit expanded into Hamilton Inlet around 1600 AD. They spent their summers on the coast, harvesting the bountiful sea. During the winter months they moved to the interior to hunt off the land. Many of the families in Rigolet today are descendants of the European settlers and the Labrador Inuit.
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