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Photo Courtesy: Bird
Rigolet Heritage Society
Rigolet late 1890's (larger version)
The Rigolet Heritage Society (RHS) commits itself to the preservation of our heritage, culture and history in Rigolet. The society currently maintains the operations for the Netloft Museum and the Lord Strathcona House. It is one of the society's aims to try and increase the amount of tourism that Rigolet receives. The members firmly believe that Rigolet is full of potential and it's beauty should be shared by the community and tourists alike.
Rigolet Heritage Society Members:

Emily Wolfrey
Dina Wolfrey
Chelsea Shiwak
Lorraine Allen
Melva Williams
Georgina Allen
Lord Strathcona House (larger version)
The Rigolet Heritage Society has been instrumental in the completion of the Lord Strathcona House by meeting with and advising the contractors. The end result is a beautiful facility for the whole community.

The Rigolet Heritage Society has hosted Senior's Teas to provide seniors in the town with an opportunity to reminisce about 'old times', as well as providing a fun afternoon. The society meets regularly to discuss any current business, reminisce and share stories from the past.
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