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Net Loft Museum (larger version)
Rigolet is home to the Net Loft Museum, the Lord Strathcona House, the Boardwalk and a local Craft Shop.

The Netloft, a Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) building built in 1876, was restored in 2001. When in use, it contained all of the fishing gear--nets, floats, leads, rope, twine, grapnels, bales of cork and all the necessary equipment for the salmon fishery that was set up by the HBC.

The actual loft in the building has 32 adjoining storage bunks built into the eaves. Each bunk held the nets for the different fishing stations (coves) with the name of each station written over the top. The bunks were on two sides of the net loft and the corridor separating them was used for spreading out nets and repairing them.

It has been restored to showcase it's original use, as well as the many traditions of Rigolet and provides visitors with a glimpse into our past.

Strathcona House (larger version)
The Lord Strathcona House is a new building; It is a replica of the house where Donald Smith (who later became Lord Strathcona), lived while working with the Hudson Bay Company in Rigolet.

The house was said to be "the grandest house in all of labrador" and today Rigolet is proud to offer it as a Cultural Interpretation Centre for both the community and tourists alike.

Boardwalk (larger version)
Rigolet is also home to the longest boardwalk in North America. Rigolet's boardwalk stretches over 8 kms, from Rigolet to Double Mer Point. The first phase of the boardwalk was completed in 1997 and there have been sections added in 5 other phases since that time.

The boardwalk goes up over the hill, just before reaching Burnt Wood Cove Point that has a gazebo, view finder and story board. This is an excellent lookout of the land and water surrounding Rigolet.

The boardwalk also extends beyond Burnt Wood Cove Point, ending at the ruins at Double Mer Point. The last extension of the boardwalk was completed in the fall of 2015.

Craft Shop (larger version)
Rigolet's Craft Shop is maintained by the Rigolet Inuit Community Government.

The shop highlights the various crafts such as grass work, moosehide boots, slippers and mitts which Rigolet is so well known for.

For Inquiries please call or email:
Rigolet Inuit Community Government
Phone: 709-947-3382/3379 EXT 225

Hours of Operation:
Monday's and Friday's 10Am - 12 PM
Wednesday's 3-5pm

Please contact the Tourism Manager at the RICG if you would like to visit the craft shop.
The Craft Shop is also open when the MV Kamutik W ports in Rigolet.
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