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People of Digital Storytelling
Marilyn Baikie Project Leader (larger version)
Marilyn Baikie
Project Leader

September 2010 - Present

Tel: (709) 947-3313

Marilyn Baikie is the Project Leader with the My Word:Storytelling and Digital Media Lab. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and is currently studying to complete a second Degree. Marilyn grew up in Rigolet and enjoys the peaceful life that living in Nunatsiavut offers. She enjoys running, hunting, fishing and snowmobiling. Marilyn and her husband Kevin and three children, Robert, Nathan and Ella, love spending time at their cabin and love the longs days of spring when they spend many evenings boiling-up and enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding Rigolet.
Inez Shiwak Assistant (larger version)
Inez Shiwak
Project Assistant

September 2010 - Present

Tel: (709) 947-3313

Inez Shiwak is the Project Assistant with the 'My Word: Storytelling and Digital Media Lab'. She received a Diploma in Office Administration from the College of the North Atlantic in 2002. Inez enjoys outdoor activities with her family and friends. She hopes to gain knowledge from Rigolet's past and to find better ways of understanding the effects of changing climate, health and stories.
Sarah Blake, Town Manager (larger version)
Sarah Blake
Project Lead

Town Manager, Rigolet Inuit Community Government
May 2009-Present

Tel. (709)-947-3382

Sarah is originally from Happy Valley Goose Bay but moved to Rigolet in 2000. She received a Diploma in Business Administration from the Labrador College in 1996. Before moving to Rigolet Sarah worked with the Labrador Inuit Health Commission as a Payroll Clerk. She began working for the Town of Rigolet in 2000, as the Town Clerk. In 2006 she moved into the position of Town Manager for the Rigolet Inuit Community Government. Sarah enjoys camping, fishing, ski-dooing and visiting her cabin with her husband Tony and two girls, Sarah-Jean and Rebecca.
Ashlee Cunsolo Willox Project Co- Director (larger version)
Ashlee Cunsolo Willox
Project Co-Director

May 2009-Present

Tel. (519)-837-8713

Ashlee is a PhD Candidate in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development. Her thesis research focuses on environmental philosophy, ecological ethics, phenomenology, and the Canadian Arctic. In addition, she also has a background in capacity development, international development studies, and education. Before she started her PhD, Ashlee worked with university students to hone their learning and writing skills. She lives in Guelph with her partner Matthew, and her three boys, Siomon (14), Jai (5), and Elias (4 months). When she's not working, studying, or chasing her kids around, Ashlee loves gardening, walking, camping, canoeing, reading, writing, photography, and being outside. Her favourite place to be is 'on the land' -- in whatever landscape she finds herself in -- tracking and spotting animals, searching for plants, and checking out the geography.
Sherilee Harper Project Co- Director (larger version)
Sherilee Harper
Project Co-Director

May 2009-Present

Tel. (519)-940-4725

Sherilee Harper is an incoming PhD student in the Department of Population Medicine at the University of Guelph. Her Master's thesis was entitled Weather, Water, and Health in the Context of a Changing Climate in Nunatsiavut Canada and (i) investigated associations between weather, water, and health variables in Nunatsiavut and (ii) co-developed an educational program to further develop local weather-water-health knowledge and understanding in Nunatsiavut. Her current areas of research interest include EcoHealth, public health, climate change, waterborne-disease, public health surveillance, Aboriginal health, and capacity development. Her MSc work has allowed her to spend much time in Nunatsiavut, and she is really looking forward to spending more time there during the digital storytelling project. Sheri lives in Orangeville with her partner, Allan, and their two dogs Cali (aka Princess Barky) and Sonny (aka Wiggles). In her spare time, Sheri loves biking, running, and eating (especially anything sweet!).
Dr. Victoria Edge Research Advisor (larger version)
Dr. Victoria Edge
Research Advisor
Senior Epidemiologist, PHAC

Adjunct Faculty, University of Guelph
May 2009-Present

Tel. (519)-826-2364

Victoria is a senior epidemiologist who works for the Public Health Agency of Canada in the Office of Public Health Practice. She is currently working in the area of population health assessment. Victoria is also an adjunct professor with the Department of Population Medicine at the University of Guelph. Her research-related activities have involved a focus on public health issues in Northern communities, involving enhancing community health surveillance, and climate change impacts on community health related to infectious waterborne and foodborne illnesses. Her role as co-lead on the Public Health Program with the Canadian Water Network, also allows for encouraging innovative and multi-disciplinary research of water-related issues in Aboriginal communities in Canada.
Charlotte Wolfrey, AngajukKak (larger version)
Charlotte Wolfrey
AngajukKak Rigolet Inuit Community Government

May 2010 - Present

Tel: (709) 947-3382

Charlotte Wolfrey (Pottle) was born in Rigolet, where she lived until the age of eleven. She then moved to Goose Bay where she lived, went to school and worked until her early thirties. Charlotte worked and lived in Labrador City in the late 70's when she worked for the Iron Ore Company of Canada and was probably one of the first Inuit women to work in a mine.
Charlotte moved back to her home, Rigolet in 1980 where she raised her children, worked and volunteered. Charlotte is most proud of being a wife, a mom to her four children and a grandmother to her 14 grandchildren.
Charlotte is known mostly throughout Nunatsiavut, NL and Canada for her work in advocacy for the rights of women and children and for her dedication to speaking against family violence. She was always involved in politics in some way, especially at a community and regional level, serving many years on the Community Council and Labrador Inuit Association.
Before running for AngajukKak, Charlotte worked as a researcher for Sikumiut Environmental, an Inuit owned research company. She was involved in research in one form or another since the early 1980's. She has served on regional, provincial, national and international committees, including Canadian Inuit Circumpolar Health Society, Atlantic Aboriginal Health Research, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women and many local/regional groups and organizations. She has held a variety of senior management positions in health care and in municipal administration.
Many thanks to the following individuals who have contributed in various capacities since the beginning of the Project:

Dan Michelin (Former AngajukKak, Rigolet Inuit Community Government)
Tanya Pottle (Former Project Leader, My Word: Storytelling and Digital Media Lab)
Dina Wolfrey (Former Assistant, My Word: Storytelling and Digital Media Lab)
Ashley Shiwak (Former Website Coordinator)
Carlene Palliser (Former Assistant, My Word: Storytelling and Digital Media Lab)
Candice Elson
Charlie Flowers
Joelene Pardy (Former Website Coordinator)
Joanna McDonald (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
Liane Langstaff (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
Andra Zommers (Research Assistant)
Kathryn Marsilio (Research Assistant)
Libby Dean (Research Assistant)
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